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MAX COOPER / St Paul’s Sessions 3

“One Hundred Billion Sparks tour

MAX COOPER/ St Paul’s Sessions 3

Thursday 28th February 2019, 20.00 & 21.45


Britain’s eminent electronic producer Max Cooper at St Paul’s Sessions 3 in a rare audio-visual show.

Born in Belfast, B. Ireland in 1980 and a permanent resident of London, Max Cooper was set up in 2007 and the release of various EPs and remixes, and since 2008 he holds a PhD in computational biology, which then led him to his live performances to exemplify electronic music with visual arts and science, through facilities, audiovisual media and a vibrant audio experience.


St Lawrence  Choir Blog

The Choir of St Lawrence Church Catford UK

Wednesday 20th February 2019, 10.00 Morning Mass and 18.30 Evensong
at St Paul’s Anglican Church, 27 Filellinon street, Syntagma, Athens

 The Junior Choir and the Choir of St Lawrence Church, Catford will join and worship along with British choral settings to supplement the mass and evensong- Organ postludes

ENTRANCE FREE- Donation required

Theodore Blog


THEODORE/ Taste the Music series

Thursday 21st February 2019, 21.00

at St Paul’s Anglican Church, 27 Filellinon street, Syntagma, Athens

Theodore and his band returns to St Paul’s Anglican Church to present piano songs using rock orchestration tools with acoustic aesthetics

Organized by: United We Fly


Information and tickets pre-sale:

Tel. 2106985340 (10.00-18.00)

Ekklisiastis Blog


Thursday 7th Feburary, Friday 8th February and Saturday 9th February  2019, 21.00

at St Paul’s Anglican Church, 27 Filellinon street, Syntagma, Athens

“Repentance of vanity”, Ecclesiastes said, “vanity of vanity, everything vain”.

After performances in BIOS, the Ecclesiastes, directed by Antonis Antonopoulos will be performed at St. Paul’s Anglican Church for only 3 performances.
An artistic choreography for the Old Testament archetypal text. A chamber opera for the futility of human nature.

The weather you mourn and the time you dance.

The performance tells the story of Ecclesiastes with music and dance terms. Lowtronik composes the electronic sound landscape on stage, and Antonis Antonopoulos directs the course of man from his primitive and animal payment in the quest for his divine substance. Through the Twelve Chapters of Ecclesiastes, this binary orchestra explores the boundaries between musical narration and representation.

Organized by: Antonis Antonopoulos


Information and tickets pre-sale:

George Zervos Photo

George Zervos – Radio Pepper Church Sessions

GEORGE ZERVOS- Radio Pepper Church Sessions

Monday 4th February 2019, 20.30

at St Paul’s Anglican Church, 27 Filellinon street, Syntagma, Athens

On the 4th Church Sessions organized by Radio Pepper 96.6 FM, GEORGE ZERVOS and his band will perform swing and rock’n’roll songs

Organized by: Radio Pepper 96.6 FM


Information and invitations: Radio Pepper 96.6 FM,

Tel. 213 018 9066 | E-mail:

Apologies 4 & 5 Blog

Argyro Chioti/VASISTAS theatre group: Apologies 4&5 by Efthimis Filippou

Argyro Chioti/VASISTAS theatre group

 Apologies 4&5  
by Efthimis Filippou


Once again, Argyro Chioti will be bringing her theatre group VASISTAS, Apologies 4&5 by Efthimis Filippou, for a few performances, at St. Paul’s Anglican Church, from 28th January until 18th February.


One judge. An undefined metaphysical leading figure who borrows elements from a school examiner a police investigator and a psychoanalyst.
  Two examinees: A woman and a man of the same age. In the middle stage of their lives. They voluntarily become subjects examined either for social inclusion or exclusion. In an empty space and an undefined time, they review all the turning points that determined their lives until now. It is a moment of redefining and reviewing their past. A moment of reckoning with their memory.

The basic demand: who will achieve admission to the women’s choir – ultimate witness and judge of the trial – who sings the same polyphonic song, again and again, throughout the entire performance.

The theatre play of Efthimis Filippou is a lyrical and poetic text which attempts to wander about the internal geography of two people. A precipitation in the details that compose their lives.

The women’s choir was created based on inspirations by the work of the artist Christina Calbari, Aleksandra Waliszewska and the polyphonic group A Filetta.

If swimming gives you pleasure, may you never dive again into clear blue waters.

If you sleep soundly at night may your pillow turn to stone and your sheet to steel.

If you do not tell the truth here tonight, then you are not worthy of dancing, not even for a minute and you’ll stand over there alone till you die»



Text: Efthimis Filippou

Stage direction: Argyro Chioti

Assistant director : Antonis Antonopoulos

Scenography : Babis Chiotis

Musique and chorus : Henri Kergomar

Costumes : Christina Calbari

Lighting : Elisavet Alexandropoulou

Artistique collaboration : Ariane Labed


With: Evi Saoulidou, Efthimis Theou, Fidel Talamboukas and Betta (a dog)


Chorus: Argyro Chioti, Eleni Vergeti, Georgina Christkioti, Matina Pergioudaki, Evdoxia Androulidaki


Place: St.Paul’s Anglican Church (Filellinon 27, Syntagma)

Dates: 28 & 29 January, 5, 11, 12 & 18 February 2019

At 21:00

Duration: 70 minutes

Tickets: 12€ and 8€

Reservations0030 6944 965 863

Tickets can be purchased at St.Paul’s Anglican Church on the days of the performance from 19:30hrs until the beginning of the performance.

Following an order of priority

*with English and French subtitles


With the kind support of:


Organisation of production and diffusion of Argyro’s Chioti and VASISTAS theatre group’s performances in France: Sophie Clot |


Info: Apologies 4&5 was first presented only for three days in Athens & Epidaurus Festival 2016 in Piraeus 260, in co production with Athens & Epidaurus Festival, NEON supporting creativity, Carolos Koun theatre Technis. Was then presented in Parallèle -7 Festival, Bernardines th. Marseille (January 2017), Comédie de Reims, Reims, (February 2017), Théâtre de la Bastille, Paris, (May 2017), SKG Bridges Festival, Museum of Modern Art, Thessaloniki (May 2018) |





22nd Evensong BLog

XXII (22nd) Choral Evensong

XΧΙΙ (22nd) Choral Evensong at St. Paul’s Anglican Church (Philellinon 27, 10557 Syntagma) on Sunday, January 20, 2019,  6:30-7:30 p.m.

Collegium & Cappella Sancti Pauli conducted by Iason Marmaras

Minister: The Reverend Canon Leonard Doolan

free admission, discretionary donation


The Renaissance Choral Evensong services at St Paul’s are organised by the Schola Cantorum Sancti Pauli, the Athens Centre for Early Music, and St Paul’s Anglican Church.

The choir Cappella Sancti Pauli, under the direction of Iason Marmaras, sing a series of Choral Evensong services that aim to revive the musical and liturgical practice at Cathedrals and Chapels during the Renaissance, but also the experience that musicians had of this music at those times, looking at the music as a functional part of the liturgy, rather than as a building-block for concerts.


More information at:

Harper Blog

Harpist Maria-Christina Harper and Lutist Giagos Chretis

Saturday 26th January 2019, 20.30

The harpist Maria-Christina Harper (London) and the lutist Giagos Chretis (Crete) known for his collaboration with Yiannis Angelakas for a unique concert at St. Paul’s Anglican Church in Athens. The original duet combines the musical tradition of Crete with the experimental music scene of London. The particular musical landscapes he creates with his lute, often in rock style, mingle with the dynamic and experimental play of Maria-Christina in her electric harp.

Organized by :Adam- Papadopoulou M.K.O

Information and tickets pre-sale:

Lambouras blog


Friday 18th January 2019, 21.00

The song-writer and performer Panayiots Lambouras will perform songs from his first music album “Hydrogios”

Organized by: Mikri Arktos


Information and tickets pre-sale: Ticketservices, 39 Panepistimiou Avenue,

Tel. 210 7234567 and Public stores

Polkar Blog

Polkar – Radio Pepper Church Sessions

POLKAR- Radio Pepper Church Sessions

Monday 14th January 2019, 20.30

at St Paul’s Anglican Church, 27 Filellinon street, Syntagma, Athens

On the 4th Church Sessions organized by Radio Pepper 96.6 FM, the Greek band POLKAR will perform their songs

Organized by: Radio Pepper-


Information and invitations: Radio Pepper 96.6 FM,

Tel. 213 018 9066 | E-mail: