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Special Services at St Paul’s during December 2019

From traditional to contemporary, there is something for everyone to enjoy at St Paul’s this December.

Our festive Christmas singalong on Sunday 8th December, is a hit with the whole family with songs both old and new and traditional carols being sung all washed down with warm mulled wine and Panetone.  Fr Leonard conducting “The Twelve Days of Christmas” is the real highlight of the evening.  There will be a 5€ entry charge for those aged 16yrs+  and a retiring collection.  Arrive early to obtain a seat!


Our Choral Evensong  with the Scola Cantorum takes place on 22nd December and the traditional service of Lessons and Carols on Christmas Eve brings a more reflective side to the season.


There will be no Singalong Messiah this year, but save your voices for next December – we’ll be back!


Check out St Paul’s Calendar here for full details of dates and times


Messiah blog

Händel’s Messiah Sinfonietta Hellinica and Pantion University Choir

Saturday 21st December 2019, 20.00

“And He shall reign for ever and ever”

Händel’s most famous oratory performed by the Sinfonietta Hellinica and Pantio University Choir and soloists: Yiorgos Galanis, Sophia Papadimitropoulou, Cassandra Dimopoulou, Filipos Modinos and Dimosthenis Stavrianos. Conducted by: Yiorgos Galanis

Organised by: Sinfonietta Hellenica



Information and reservations: Mob. 6934573118

my sister blog

“H adelphi mou- My sister” By Stavros Zoumboulakis

Various dates during December 2019, and January and February 2020 http://anglicanchurchathens.gr/events/category/st-pauls-calendar/2019-12/

(click here to view Calendar)
"Anyone who has not felt the pain will be a shallow and a silly person”

Periklis Moustakis directs Stavros Zoumboulakis’ experimental narrative “My Sister”.

Through the epilepsy of his sister, who sealed her life and, in another way, his own, Stavros Zoumboulakis wanted to talk about illness, pain, joy, faith and most of all about kindness and love. A text that is ultimately comforting. The author gives us a highly confessional and deeply personal narrative that reaches us through conversations with Vale, Levinas and Kamy as a major theological commentary, an existential and at the same time universal question on the subject and sickness.

Dora Stilianesi  plays the main role

Organized by: Askisi- Theatrical Company


ENTRANCE BY TICKETS: 14, 10 and 8 euros

Information/Tickets pre-sale: Public Stores and Ticket Services



Athenium Conservatory blog

The Athenian Conservatory presents its Guitar Ensemble and Youth Choir

Wednesday 18th December 2019, 20.00

Young guitarists and choristers will perform a programme of renaissance and classical music.


Organized by: The Athenian Coservatory




Information and invitations: Athenian Conservatory, 96 Ayias Sofias and Mikalis, N. Smyrni, Tel. 210 9331244, e-mail: info@athinaiko-odeio.gr


Psarantonis blog

PSARANTONIS “Since the beginning, the world has been shaped by sound and rhythm.” Taste the Music 2

Thursday 12th December 2019, 20.30 and 22.30


Psarantonis, the legend of Cretan music, is known for his deep knowledge of tradition, which he describes as “ancient and at the same time young.” He represented Greece at international festivals, deeply impressing the international community. At the end of Taste the Music 2 Series, Psarantonis will move us from the stage together with Niki Xylouris, Ioannis Papatzanis and Nektarios Kontoyiannis.



Organized by: United We Fly IKE


Empowered by Skouras Domaine


Information: United We Fly: Tel: 2106985340, info@unitedwefly.com

Tickets pre-sale: Viva.gr

Tel. 13855, 211 7700 000 and 211760 3000



Paaraskevas Blog

“Της ομορφιάς το άγριο φιλί» PARASKEVAS KARASOULOS Polyxeni Karakoglou and Thodoris Nikolaou

Tuesday 10th and Tuesday 17th December 2019, 20.30

 Mikri Arktos presents a musical journey into Paraskevas Karasoulos’ lyrical work, «Της ομορφιάς το άγριο φιλί»,  performed by two young singers Polyxeni Karakoglou and Thodoris Nikolaou.


Paraskevas Karasoulos has chosen for these two concerts songs, which since the beginning of his record label until today, had the riddle of beauty as their lyrical axis and its presence or absence in our lives.

Organized by: Mikri Arktos



ENTRANCE BY TICKETS: 15 and 13 euros


Information: Mikri Arktos, Tel. 210 7610616

Tickets pre-sale: Ticket services, Public stores


Kali Malone Blog

KALI MALONE Taste the Music 2

Thursday 5th December 2019, 21.00


The American composer Kali Malone creates analogue and digital music sound, inviting listeners to listen to charming acoustic and synth sounds. The dark minimalism of Kali, ideally coexisting with the mystical space of the Anglican Church, creates the necessary condition for the audience to feel the unparalleled depth created by the coexistence of acoustic and synth instruments and the repetition of sound over an extended period of time.


The 5th of December promises an evening full of harmonious textures and central tunes for competent listeners.


Organized by: United We Fly IKE


Empowered by Skouras Domaine

ENTRANCE BY 2 TICKET ZONES : 15 and 12 Euros

Information: United We Fly: Tel: 2106985340, info@unitedwefly.com,

Tickets pre-sale: Viva.gr

Tel. 13855, 211 7700 000 and 211760 3000



Iason Marmaras Blog

MESSA FIORITA Iason Marmaras, organ and members of the Cappella Sancti Pauli

Wednesday 4th December 2019, 20.30

An organ recital centred around Girolamo Frescobaldi’s Musical Flowers (Fiori Musicali, 1635). The colourful collection written by Frescobaldi as an intricate embellishment to a Gregorian mass, will be performed as well as other pieces by the same composer as well as

Gregorian chants.

Organized by: Cappella Sancti Pauli and Iason Marmaras

ENTRANCE BY TICKETS: 10 euros and 7 euros