Photograph courtesy of Christopher Ambatzi-Crecy
Photograph courtesy of Christopher Ambatzi-Crecy

Easter Sunday 2018

Easter Sunday at St Paul’s celebrated in glorious sunshine. There was standing room only inside the church as we welcomed parishioners and visitors alike, many from Canada and the United States. Lynne Doolan organised the Easter Egg Hunt with over 20 children taking part.

The joyful service ended with Fr Leonard conducting the entire congregation in a part-song “Allelu, Allelu, Allelu, Allelu, we’ll praise the Lord”, where firstly everyone sang, then the Guys and Ladies took separate parts, (Guys singing Allelu, and Ladies singing we’ll praise the Lord); and then different sides of the Church. It ended up with everyone having to stand up to sing their parts and organised chaos prevailed! Afterwards there was Brunch in the Church garden where everyone mingled and celebrated the risen Christ.

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