“Semper Antiquae, Sempre Vivus” by the Guitarte Ensemble

THE GUITARTE Ensemble is performing “Semper Antiquae, Sempre Vivus” on Monday 21st December, at 9pm, in St. Paul’s Anglican Church, Philellinon 27 and Amalias Avenue. Organised by specs ‘n’ arts, the entrance fee is € 12.

For the second consecutive year, the Guitarte Ensemble will fill St. Paul’s with the sound of guitar music in an early music repertoire conceived to celebrate the Christmas spirit. Centred around works by English Renaissance composer John Dowland (1563-1626) adapted to the guitar by Panayiotis Adam and Gilbert Biberian, the concert also includes Italian Renaissance dances and Concerti grossi by A.Vivaldi and G.F.Handel arranged by Paul Gerrits and Nikos Hatzieleftheriou.

Composed by guitarists Nikos Hatzieleftheriou, Christos Faklaris, Frangoulis Karayiannopoulos, Maria Papamichael and Anna Sartzidou (who also sings), with the participation of Christina Polykreti and Nektarios Sakellariou, the Guitarte Ensemble will perform pieces for 2, 3, 4, 5 and… 7 guitars! True to the ensemble’s philosophy of modulating the orchestrational dynamics of performances while simultaneously respecting the way the guitar is played as a solo instrument, the concert proposes a unique approach to Renaissance and Baroque music.

DissensoDuo recital of early music

A RECITAL by the early music ensemble DissensoDuo is being held in St. Paul’s Anglican Church, Philellinon 27 and Amalias Avenue, on Monday 21st December at 8pm. Organised by specs ‘n’ arts, the entrance fee is € 10.

Musicians Yiorgos Samoïlis (baroque violin) and Alexandros Mastichiadis (harpsichord – organ) will be playing a repertoire of early baroque music comprising works by Dario Castello, Heinrich Biber, Pandolfi Mealli and Giovanni Leoni. These 17th and 18th century works belong to the so-called Stylus Phantasticus, where improvisation is a prominent element. At the same time, the duet pays particular attention to the historically-documented interpretation of these works, making for a particularly sensitive rendition of this musical genre, where classicism and improvisation go hand-in hand.

The two Greek musicians met in 2013 during their studies in the Conservatory of Utrecht in the Netherlands. Their contrasting personalities together with their shared interest in early Italian baroque music led to a unique chemistry when performing onstage. DissensoDuo’s most recent public performance was at the renowned Utrecht Early Music Festival in September 2015.

Christmas melodies by the Sol-Fa Ensemble

THE SOL-FA Ensemble will be giving a concert at St. Paul’s Church, Philellinon 27 and Amalias Avenue, on Saturday 19th December, at 8pm, with a repertoire of Christmas melodies. Entrance fee: € 10 (tickets also available online, via www.viva.gr)

Accompanied by Afroditi Fikari (soprano), Dimitra Despotopoulou (alto), Spiros Flokos (tenor) and Yiannis Papageorgiou (bass), the eight musicians composing the Sol-Fa Ensemble will introduce us to the Christmas spirit with a repertoire composed of:

– A Christmas Suite (Felix Mendelssohn–Bartholdy, Kathrine Davis, Henry Onorati, Harry Simeone, Charles Wesley)
– Bach Gammon (J.S. Bach, P.I. Tchaikovsky, J. Brahms, Paul de Seneville)
– Silent Night (Chorus / Frantz Xavier Gruber)
– Jazz Suite Waltz No2, Op. 35 (Dimitri Shostakovich)
– New World Symphony (2nd Movement Theme – Largo / Anton Dvorak)
– Gia tin Elefteria (Chorus / Dimitris Konstantakis)
– A Christmas Medley (Traditional Carols from Germany, France & the USA)
– Christmas (Guinet Sylvain)
– Funiculi – Funicula (Chorus / Luigi Denza)
– Anitra’s Dance (Edvard Grieg)
– A Classic Encounter (J.S. Bach, P.I. Tchaikovsky, N. Paganini, traditional from Spain)
– The feast of Christmas (Chorus / F. Handel, F. Mendelssohn, traditional European carols)
– Christmas Favorites (traditional carols)
– Christmas Kalanda (Chorus / traditional kalanda of Greece)
– The Radetzky March (Johann Strauss).

“Cantabo Domino” Christmas Concert

“CANTABO DOMINO”, a Christmas concert with counter-tenor Nikos Spanátis accompanied by Eleni Któna on the harpsichord and organ, is being held at St. Paul’s Anglican Church, Philellinon 27 and Amalias Avenue, on Friday 18th December at 8:30pm. Organised by specs ‘n’ arts, the entrance fee is € 10.

The repertoire comprises songs from religious works by Renaissance and Baroque composers, such as John Bull (1562-1628), Alessandro Grandi (1586-1630), Henry Purcell (1659-1695), Georg Fr. Handel (1685-1759) and Johann Sebastian Bach (1685 – 1750). These masterpieces are interspersed with Christmas melodies by anonymous composers and old English carols. The performance, particularly appropriate in a church at Christmastide, brings together two distinguished artists with a history of collaboration, ensuring that Nikos Spanátis’ exceptional voice and the gentle sound produced by Eleni Któna on the harpsichord and organ enhance each other rather than compete with one another, creating a rare atmosphere of devotion and joy.

Ielasi-Sister Overdrive

Electro-acoustic music at St. Paul’s

On Friday 11th December, at 9:30pm, a two-part performance of electro-acoustic music is being held at St. Paul’s Church, Philellinon 27 and Amalias Avenue, featuring Sister Overdrive and Giuseppe Ielasi. Entrance fee: € 12. For further information, please contact Jennifer Dovellou on or 6950.561.273.

The performance will open with Sister Overdrive (the alias of musician Yiannis Kotsonis in his solo experiments), who will perform ‘The Shape of Failures Past’, a musical collage combining excerpts from old vinyl records, discarded tapes and field recordings together with free-fotm improvisation, the whole forming a multi-layered soundscape with unexpected twists. Like rummaging in an untidy drawer, fragments of melody, pieces of rhythm, flecks of silence and echoes come forth composing a narration of the past that settles itself firmly in the future. In other words, it is sonorous aesthetic adventure hailed as a musical expression of the Dada mouvement.

No stranger to Athenian audiences, Milan-based Giuseppe Ielasi will follow suit with a site-specific performance, further exploring his approach of sound as a form of sculpture, which defines and modifies real and virtual spaces. A musician of the musique concrète genre (a form of electroacoustic music made in part from acousmatic sound, or sound without an apparent originating cause), he will offer a live set inspired by the wish to alter our perception of the surrounding space through a complex equation of beats, soundscapes and ideas -mellifluous and harmonious, jarring and hypnotic- that stress the potential of space within sound.


Messiah sing along

ON SUNDAY 6th December, at 8pm, St. Paul’s Anglican Church hosts the 5th sing-along of Handel’s oratorio, Messiah. Come and add your voice to celebrate the Christmas message!READ MORE