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62nd Anglican Church Athens Christmas Bazaar

THE CHRISTMAS Bazaar is the biggest annual fundraiser for the Anglican Church in Athens – and also the oldest such event in the Greek capital. This year it takes place at the Aigli Restaurant in the Zappeion Gardens, right in the centre of Athens, on Sunday 29th November 2015, from 11am till 3:30pm.

Whether seeking gifts for relatives and friends, a Christmas treat for yourself and your family, an opportunity to meet up with old acquaintances, or even if you are just indulging in a vicarious trip to Britain at Christmastide, St. Paul’s and St. Peter’s Christmas Bazaar is bound to offer you moments of joy. Whatever your reason for coming to the bazaar, its proceeds contribute to bringing ‘tidings of comfort and joy’ to others: through the Greek charities we support, the refugees we help – and to our Honorary Treasurer, who juggles to make ends meet, whether this be the electricity bill, the organ’s annual overhaul or a minor calamity, such as a leak in the roof…

So come along with family and friends. Enjoy the Christmas spirit and put a smile on faces that need it most. †

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