Third concert of the annual ‘Spring Organ’ series

Works by J. S. Bach, G. F. Handel and others performed by Johannes Geffert, organ (Germany), Siranous Tsalikian, soprano (Greece), and Dimitra Triantafyllou, violin (Greece). More detailed information will be available under the Announcements section closer to the date – please check it out!

Tsalikian-Geffert-Triantafyllou 812x353

Organ, violin and voice in exultation at St. Paul’s

The 13th season of the Spring Organ Series comes to a close with an impressive interplay of organ, violin and voice in a concert held at St. Paul’s, Philellinon 27 & Amalias Avenue, on the 25th April at 8:30pm. Organised by specs ‘n’ arts under the artistic direction of Christina Antoniadou, the entrance fee is €10 (students €8). Tickets are also available online via, or can be booked by calling 210.723.45.67. READ MORE