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KALI MALONE Taste the Music 2

Thursday 5th December 2019, 21.00


The American composer Kali Malone creates analogue and digital music sound, inviting listeners to listen to charming acoustic and synth sounds. The dark minimalism of Kali, ideally coexisting with the mystical space of the Anglican Church, creates the necessary condition for the audience to feel the unparalleled depth created by the coexistence of acoustic and synth instruments and the repetition of sound over an extended period of time.


The 5th of December promises an evening full of harmonious textures and central tunes for competent listeners.


Organized by: United We Fly IKE


Empowered by Skouras Domaine

ENTRANCE BY 2 TICKET ZONES : 15 and 12 Euros

Information: United We Fly: Tel: 2106985340, info@unitedwefly.com,

Tickets pre-sale: Viva.gr

Tel. 13855, 211 7700 000 and 211760 3000



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