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“Της ομορφιάς το άγριο φιλί» PARASKEVAS KARASOULOS Polyxeni Karakoglou and Thodoris Nikolaou

Tuesday 10th and Tuesday 17th December 2019, 20.30

 Mikri Arktos presents a musical journey into Paraskevas Karasoulos’ lyrical work, «Της ομορφιάς το άγριο φιλί»,  performed by two young singers Polyxeni Karakoglou and Thodoris Nikolaou.


Paraskevas Karasoulos has chosen for these two concerts songs, which since the beginning of his record label until today, had the riddle of beauty as their lyrical axis and its presence or absence in our lives.

Organized by: Mikri Arktos


ENTRANCE BY TICKETS: 15 and 13 euros


Information: Mikri Arktos, Tel. 210 7610616

Tickets pre-sale: Ticket services, Public stores

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